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Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner have developed a model of culture with seven dimensions:

  1. Universalism vs. Particularism: What is more important, rules or relationships?
  2. Individualism vs. Collectivism: Do we function as individuals or in a group?
  3. Neutral vs. Affective: Do we hide or display our emotions?
  4. Specific vs. Diffuse: Is responsibility specifically assigned or diffusely accepted?
  5. Achieved Status vs. Ascribed Status: Do we have to prove ourselves to receive status or is it given to us?
  6. Time Orientation: Do we do things one at a time or several things at once? - Are we oriented toward the past, present, or future?
  7. Internal vs. External Orientation: Do we control our environment or are we controlled by it?

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