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There are many reasons to resign/ to be resigned:

  • Stuart Scott, CIO Microsoft, November 2007: Violated company policies
  • Charles Prince, CEO Citigroup, November 2007: Failed to disintegrate Citigroup's universal bank model
  • Adam Bosworth, VP Product Management Google, October 2007, Shifted focus away from Google
  • Stan O'Neill, CEO Merril Lynch, October 2007: Mishandled the asset-backed business
  • Virginia McDowell, CIO Trump Entertainment Resorts, June 2007: Became a victim of cost cutting
  • Shai Agassi, Head of Product and Technology Group SAP, March 2007: Refocused on alternative energy and climate change
  • Paul Pressler, CEO Gap, January 2007: Failed to re-value the brand
  • Cliff Dodd, CIO Kaiser Permanente, November 2006: Was concerned of technological and financial repercussions related to the rollout of a new system
  • Edward Tian, CEO China Netcom Group, May 2006: Shifted focus to another company
  • Stephen Raish, CIO J.C. Penney, April 2006: Elected to take early retirement
  • Linda Dillman, CIO Wal-Mart, April 2006: Was moved to the position of executive vice president of risk management and benefits administration
  • Peter Quinn, CIO Commonwealth of Massachusetts, December 2005: Stumbled across his plans to require all official state documents to be stored as OpenDocument
  • Dan Matthews, CIO of the US Department of Transportation, December 2005: Returned to Lockheed Martin
  • Kevin Turner, CEO Wal-Mart Sam's Club, August 2005: Was named COO at Microsoft
  • Russ Smyth, CEO McDonald's Europe, June 2005: Wanted to spend more time with his family
  • Carly Fiorina, CEO Hewlett-Packard, February 2005: Created a decision-making bottleneck
  • Adam Bosworth, Chief Architect BEA, July 2004, Shifted focus to Google
  • Kenneth Livesay, CIO HealthSouth CIO, April 2003: Falsified financial information
  • David Evans, CIO J.C. Penney, January 2001: Retired to be replaced by Stephen Raish
  • John Akers, CEO IBM, January 1993: Failed to disintegrate IBM's outdated system

Stuart Scott stated in a recent interview:

Q: "Still, despite your philosophy of partnering rather than dictating, it seems like your role as CIO is more consolidated, and hence more powerful, than that of prior CIOs at Microsoft."

A: "Prior CIOs have always run the corporate systems and infrastructure for the employees. What we've added is the direct line-of-business systems. It's all part of Microsoft learning how to be a big company but still remain innovative and agile. So we have brought together the IT organizations from around the company into a more traditional enterprise structure, but I've organized it so that we stay very close to the businesses."

An excerpt from Robert Herbold's Seduced by Success comes to our mind: "CIOs allow the business units to do anything they want. Sooner or later, everyone is going to be disappointed. Management won't like the cost and won't like the fact that it can't summarize the business across the business units. The business units will want more and more autonomy and more and more independence from the CIO and will constantly be pulling that organization apart to gain control over more and more IT capabilities. I have seen this happen over and over again, and what it means is that you need a very strong CIO, backed by management, who sets the guidelines with regard to the company's information technology architecture, how systems will be built, which systems will be organization-wide, and what can be delegated to the business units to meet their local needs."

Rants and rumors concerning Stuart Scott's end of employment last week/ Tuesday's announcement:

  • itWorldCanada! - the only article looking forward, not back - followed by lots of rumors below:

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