&94.a/ The State of RSS & Podcasts: How the World's Top Consulting Firms are Using Web 2.0

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In March 2007 McKinsey published the findings of a global survey, entitled How businesses are using Web 2.0. RSS and Podcasts rank #5 and #6 out of nine Web 2.0 technologies when asked: "Is your company investing in any of the following technologies or tools? - Yes: Using or planning to use." The survey itself was conducted in January.

Unfortunately we have completely missed that report due to the fact that the McKinsey Quarterly itself does NOT offer RSS feeds and we finally unsubscribed ALL email newsletters already a year ago. Which brings us to the interesting question:

How authentic are the top 10 management and technology consulting firms when it comes to Web 2.0 (prestige ranking according to Vault)?

The results:

Only 33% of the top management consulting firm web sites offer RSS, 20% offer Podcasts.

Some citations:

Bain & Company (No RSS, no Podcast), Management Tools Survey, June 2007: "Employ RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology: RSS encourages readership by displaying recent posts without the need for readers to log onto the blog website."

BCG (No RSS, no Podcast), The Kindness of Strangers, October 2006: "Web 2.0 isn't just for geeks and goths. Companies - whether in the cross hairs or on the sidelines - must address some hard questions. How can we catalyze, build, and influence communities? How can we create the open standards that allow those communities to innovate as we cannot?"

The data:

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An update to your post, we've launched RSS feeds at www.mckinseyquarterly.com.

The McKinsey Quarterly

We do not currently offer that feature. However, nearly all BCG publications are available for free download from the Publications section of www.bcg.com.

Best regards,

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

Sorry but we do not have that technology yet though it is something we are looking into. For now you can only find our articles on the website www.mckinseyquarterly.com.

Kind Regards,
The McKinsey Quarterly

Your recent message asking about the status of the "strategy+business" RSS feeds was forwarded to me by our Webmaster. I must apologize on behalf of "s+b." Our Web editor, who maintains the feeds, has been out of the office on leave, and in her absence, the RSS updates fell through the cracks.

Thank you for your message, which alerted us to the problem. We're now taking steps to correct the error. You should see new content in your chosen feeds over the next few business days.


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