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We installed Mosaic, we installed MacWeb, but then immediately switched to Netscape which remained our browser for ever since or at least until 2000; ...

... until clients began asking for Internet Explorer compliance of our HTML pages and support as well as testing of all those Netscape 3.xy micro-versions became intolerable. Goodbye, Netscape - we will not forget you while Mozilla and Safari will follow in your footsteps!

Internet Explorer? Rings a bell ...

Read Netscape!

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It's TechCrunch time!
[Update December 29: Read Boing Boing!]
[Update January 1: Read from the Insider!]
[Update January 3: Read from the Insider!, Read Between the Lines!]
[Update January 31: Netscape is dead, long live Netscape? One more month and an update to version 9!]

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&559/ Hands-on: Surfing the Web I from Harald Felgner & the Red Fez on June 16, 2009 5:49 PM

It has been so easy! When I joined my first agency back in 1999, they were phasing out Netscape 3.xy support - fully optimizing for Internet Explorer 5.x. I was disappointed back then.... Read More

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