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Feel free to follow /xculturematters and participate! Several students and me will be available for conversation on December 7 and 8, approx. during working hours GMT+1. Possible questions according to Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner:
  1. Would you be willing to lie in order to protect a friend driving a car above speed limit hitting a pedestrian? No witnesses ...
  2. In my society, it is considered unprofessional to express emotions overtly. (a) agree - (d) disagree.
  3. Would you lend your car to a friend?
  4. Your boss asks you to paint his house at the weekend. "Yes, it's my boss, I have to do it. (a) agree - (d) disagree."
  5. The most important thing in life is to think and act in a manner that best suits the way you really are, even if you do not get things done.
  6. Would you agree more: (a) What happens to me is my own doing. - (b) I often feel I cannot take control of things.
  7. Would you respect your boss even when he had no clue of what you are doing?
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