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H.aral.d featuring almost 4 months ago. Yes, we can. Can we?

Asking for an iPhone in Dubai Festival City's iStyle - no Apple Store in UAE yet (what an opportunity, Apple Store Dubai, on the 150th floor) - gave me a: "It has not been officially launched."


It has not been officially launched in Switzerland as well. Swisscom is announcing. Orange is announcing. Up-to now we have to live without the multi-touch cell phone of the future.

Which made me wonder: Where has it been launched?

Not really Just Found. We had Will it Blend before. Watch Blendtec!

Imagine this. London was a metropolis of 2.5 million people back in 1854. "Been there, done that." The town, that is.

Remember. This presentation is 6 years old. Please do not concentrate on any car design prediction details. It is more around one essential human difference. TED Talks 2002, Chris Bangle.

@Scobleizer gives us 3 QIK streams demonstrating the latest version of Microsoft's surface technology. 28, 1, and 6 minutes long. Have a look.

Internet nodes are not only computers, laptops, handhelds, phones - but cars as well. Think of it. The information highway being mirrored back to the highway. For a good purpose? No. For an inevitable purpose. TED Talks 2007: Robin Chase.

View the talk!

Humanity's impact on the planet. It's exploding on a level ... TED Talks: Ed Burtynsky, 2005.

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Burj Dubai

On the 160th floor, to be exact. A view from the World's tallest tower construction site: Burj Dubai. Thanks, BuJ!

[Update May 23: If you are aware of copyright information concerning the image above, pls. contact me.]

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UAE Coastline

Image © NASA

According to the census conducted by the Statistics Center of Dubai, the population of the emirate was 1,422,000 as of 2006 - up from 58,971 in 1968. Have a look at the coast of the United Arab Emirates on a series of Landsat satellite images above. Would be great to have a History slider in Google Earth or Maps ;)

Fly with NASA! | View historic images 1! | View historic images 2! | View historic images 3!

TED Talks: Joshua Prince-Ramus, 2006.

Taken from a comment: "In his discussion of the design process of the Seattle Central Library, Prince-Ramus shows how strategic planning can be translated literally into a physical design."

Taken form another comment: "This is the kind of building I would hate to see in my town. Practical or not. And I can see the flaw already coming from his design process that is purely driven by costs and use"

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And he would ask: Daddy, why are you crying? And my answer would be: Son, this is so beautiful. Remember the butterflies in the park? It's as beautiful as that. You were crying as well.

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What is cloud computing?

Check out what the following people had to say: Tim O'Reilly - Dan Farber - Matt Mullenweg - Jay Cross - Brian Solis - Kevin Marks - Rafe Needleman - Steve Gillmor - Jeremy Tanner - Maggie Fox - Tom McGovern - Sam Lawrence - Stowe Boyd - David Tebbutt - Dave McClure - Chris Carfi - Rod Boothby.

Thanks, Joyent. Watch the video! | Comment at Joyeur! | Comment here!

This is my ultimate test: Presenting the idea, concept, image, video to my 3-year old son. In the case above he would say: "Daddy, but the man is moving like a rabbit." And laugh out loud.

Humor, harmony, happiness.

Deal done.

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"There is currently no agreed upon definition of the range of topics which form the area of human-computer interaction. Yet we need a characterization of the field if we are to derive and develop educational materials for it. Therefore we offer a working definition that at least permits us to get down to the practical work of deciding what is to be taught:

Lisa Herrod: "We all know the importance of accessibility and web standards, so let's take that knowledge one step further and into the realm of usability.


We had Dan Saffer yesterday. Make sure to have a look at Designing for Interaction and pre-order Designing Gestural Interfaces. Support this blog and order one of the books below:

Dan Saffer is preparing an O’Reilly title on interactive gestures. Let me compile some thoughts/ citations from the publicly available preview of Chapter 1 for our course:

  • ”Tap is the new click.
  • A gesture is any physical movement that can be sensed and responded to by a digital system without the aid of a traditional pointing device such as a mouse or stylus. A wave, a head nod, a touch, a toe tap, and even a raised eyebrow can be a gesture.


BTW, the Gang is the Gillmor Gang again - hosted on TechCrunch since April 21 - forget the Facebook Group. And Saturday saw an emergency gang on the Microsoft Yahoo! deal. Will hell break loose on Monday? Voices from the comments to the Emergency Gang post on TechCrunch:


Three months of hoping, worrying, discussing, threatening, approaching, retracting, ignoring, and raising are over.

"After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo do not make sense for us."
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO


One of the very few newsletters I keep receiving is The Economist Publisher's Newsletter. Two weeks ago, the April edition stated:

  • "Gulliver: is pleased to announce the launch of Gulliver, a business travel blog delivering a combination of news, views and reviews to help readers get the most out of their business trips. [...] Starting this week, Gulliver replaces our Cities Guide newsletters and we trust you will enjoy the ride.
  • Sir 2.0. We now welcome your comments: You can now comment on any article published on and we invite you to share your thoughts and opinions with fellow readers."


Don't be mislead by Linux, Wiki, MySpace, Flickr, Second Life, and YouTube on the cover. This book is not for geeks only! It's a serious business book on serious business to come. Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, Wikinomics. How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

Published in 2006, its early observations are becoming a reality for an increasing number of organizations:


May 1. It's time to look back: 12 months of & the Red Fez postings - beginning with a slow start in May and a real take-off in October. Sorted by unique pageviews in reverse order ...


We had a 2-piece article last year concerning discrepancies between management and technology consultancies' sermons and their own Web realities (part 1, part 2). The topic emerged for me personally as I was on one hand no longer willing to keep receiving tons of McKinsey newsletters into my Inbox but on the other hand missed all that excellent content!

These days are over now. Devin Brown commented the original post last week: "An update to your post, we've launched RSS feeds at"

Thanks, McKinsey!

I turn to the Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, the Monitor Group, Mercer, Oliver Wyman, and the Parthenon Group. How are things going?

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