&334/ Hands-on: iPhone? I Have Read About It. But When Will It Be Available?

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Asking for an iPhone in Dubai Festival City's iStyle - no Apple Store in UAE yet (what an opportunity, Apple Store Dubai, on the 150th floor) - gave me a: "It has not been officially launched."


It has not been officially launched in Switzerland as well. Swisscom is announcing. Orange is announcing. Up-to now we have to live without the multi-touch cell phone of the future.

Which made me wonder: Where has it been launched?

In 5 countries. To repeat: In five countries. 11 months, 5 countries. Thanks, AAPLinvestors, for the iPhone availability list. And pls. compare the price.

Do I miss something?

[Update June 12, 2008: The table below will outdate!]

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