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Don't be mislead by Linux, Wiki, MySpace, Flickr, Second Life, and YouTube on the cover. This book is not for geeks only! It's a serious business book on serious business to come. Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, Wikinomics. How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

Published in 2006, its early observations are becoming a reality for an increasing number of organizations:

  • Ideagoras – how an emerging marketplace for ideas, inventions, and minds will enable your company to tap global pools of talent.
  • The prosumers – how a new generation of producer consumers is driving innovation by hacking your product.
  • The new Alexandrians – how the new science of sharing and sharing of science works.
  • Platforms for participation – why your company should open up your products and technology infrastructures to create value.
  • The global plant floor – even if you are part of the manufacturing-intensive industries, designing and building physical goods will become a subject of mass collaboration.
  • The Wiki workplace – not only will a new corporate meritocracy sweep away hierarchical silos inside your organization, but connect your internal teams to external networks as well.

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