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"I'd like you to turn 5 again."


I am plummeting.

I was on Technorati with authority 17 and on rank 433,411 in June. Not very spectacular - but much better than my authority 5 and rank 1,104,902 as of today.

Who can help me? Please send your Technorati killer tips to I know: I should keep up my publishing frequency - 1 post per day. I no longer do. I know: I should leer at trackbacks and comments from A-bloggers. I no longer do. I should engage much more with my readership. I do!

All hints welcome.


No. I don't. And my site is not related to the state of Nevada.


My name is Mike and I am the operator of several gaming and gambling sites.

Since your site is related to the state of Nevada, I think it may be of interest to my users.

Do you think it would be possible to provide your site visitors with a referral to one of my sites? I'd appreciate if you could provide a textual link and would be willing to provide one in exchange if needed.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my proposal.

Mike Braun

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