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Marketing lesson: A. If you use our product, you'll find true love, fulfillment, prosperity.

Sounds simple? Have a look!

Do we see arcs in the sky? The expansion of space is speeding up!?

Or was it Media Lab tofu?

Help people understand truth and beauty in the biological sciences.

"I don't think we're going to make it."

What about our human ancestor?

Why are we happy?

Dan Dennett at TED. 3#3, dating from 2006.

Dan Dennett at TED. Second in a row, dating from 2003.

Not kidding.

Cruising random city streets. 15 Wal-mart brown paper bags full of mockingbird Molotov cocktails.

We could interfere with the interface!

This means: "I am smiling." :)

There is a lot of people pontificating about future of advertising and TV and all that sort of thing. But I say: Smell that! Pure creative juice that is. You can't go wrong with a good idea! Watch the video!

E.g. "Being not truthful works against me." or "Complaining is silly. Either act or forget."

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Branding? Not any more! Today, it's tribing!

Get your copy and read! Preferably support this blog and order one of the books below:

In 2004 I used to travel by car with a 1st gen iPod Shuffle connected to the stereo, listening to all those amazing IT Conversations. Times have changed since then.


I received a copy of Jim Collins' Good to Great during an interview here in Zurich in August. Started reading it this week ...

Overlapping Curves

Image © www.sethgodin.com

&97/ showed a curve I was remembering a lot these days.

I remember a 1987 information meeting: "We are the leading physics address worldwide." - I remember 1994 Thursday morning meetings in Munich: "He is a leading cell biology expert." - I remember an interview 1999 in Ottobrunn: "We are Microsoft's lead agency." - I remember a late 2004 Zurich dinner: "Let us lead this innovation in window advertising!" - I remember a 2005 meeting at Microsoft Amsterdam near the airport: "To be honest, we are industry leaders." - I remember the 2006 MBC claim: "We will lead the new connection between Business and IT!" - And I stilI hear a lot about thought and knowledge leadership these days.

Does leadership really matter? It does! How long? It depends. Compare the green curve above. Maybe we should focus on the blue curve instead ...

We were just talking. Tidbits of my life ...

We had Mr. Shyamalan on March 28, 2008. Watch the ad! | Watch all ads!

Can I have your iPhone?

No, you are gonna blend it!

Not me ;)

It's going to keep me organized.

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Image © Wikipedia

We were passing Mata Hari Bar in Basel last Friday and Simon Lösing asked me how creative people would be to come up with names like that.

My answer was: Mata Hari? She was that exotic woman in Germany before WWII. She was dancing in night clubs and she was a spy of some sort. Do not remember exactly for which side ...

My colleagues' answer: What stuff are you smoking, man? An exotic courtesan in Germany? Early 1900s? No way.

A quick look at Wikipedia brought it up - Philipp Ebneter to the rescue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mata_Hari.

What I got wrong: She was before WWI - not II. Amazing.

I don't get that one. Zurich Tourism promotes a German music video. No Mundart. Sort of Kölsch instead. Maybe zurichtourism on YouTube is a fake.

Watch the video!

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