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Actually, there is no resolution. My educated guess still is: The application is to heavy for Reverse statement: is to weak for a 2007 RIA like Movable Type 4. I rolled back.

There are so many nice presentations these days! Enjoy Dennis Mortensen's The difference between a KPI and a Metric. View the presentation!


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Ok, we're back. The new application UI looks good. Most of it works.


Let's see what happens. I have tried this before a year ago. Installing a then 4.0 Movable Type onto's servers in Geneva, near the place where everything started.


I had no chance to read it, but citing Don Tapscott - from his blog today - the findings of his new book seem surprising to our generation of non-natives: "Critics say the Net Generation is dumb, coddled and narcissistic. Steve Maich in this week's Maclean's is the most recent example.

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Bye-bye, Labrador. Read Reuters!

Updated presentation as presented at the Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas in May 2008. Branding is dead, long lives tribing! View the presentation! | Navigate with O'Reilly Radar!

Stitch everything! Brought to Microsoft by an acquisition ...

People take action (mostly) based on one of three emotions: Fear, hope, and love. We had that before. One month until X-mas: This is Helge Tennø's take. View the presentation! | Read!

The state of market research according to Helge Tennø:

R.I.P. Google Lively

Make sure to visit me before December 31! Go Lively! | It's TechCrunch time! | Officially Google!


"Why do certain videos on YouTube become mass phenomena while the vast majority of videos just get a handful of views, if any?

Australia. Portugal. Norway. Presentations around the world. Helge Tennø on the brand new landscape, sorry, new brand landscape.


With almost 500 pages, Reality Check is just too bulky to carry it around on my way to work. I prefer Seth Godin's Meatball Sundae for those occasions.

"Fourteen trends are completely remaking what it means to be a marketer:"


Citing Guy Kawasaki from his new book Reality Check: "I wanted to provide hardcore information to hardcore people who want to kick ass, and I wanted it in something you can hold in your hands - a book. Why? Because a book boots up faster than a blog and is not dependent on Internet connectivity, battery life, or the ineptness of HTML printing."

Moving to Portugal. BarCampPT 08, Pedro Custódio.

Innovation in interaction design, explorability, intuitability, predictability, intrinsic guidance, visual guidance, progressive disclosure, acquaintable interfaces, and a single slide on principles of good form.

View the presentation! | Follow Centopeia!

Let's finish our Australian weekend with Patrick Kennedy's presentation at Open Publish 2007, Sydney. Needs-based information architecture. "Cookie cutter solutions won't work!"
View the presentation! | Pat's point of view!

Third in a row: Slouching toward intertwingularity, by
Stephen Collins. Listen to the presentation!

Stephen Collins at the The 6th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference in Sydney on 3 September 2008.

Stephen Collins begins his pleading with "Just 10 or so years ago, we were arguing whether email was necessary for our staff to do their work."

Patrick Kennedy started his interactive discussion session presented at the "Enhancing Online User Experiences" conference in Melbourne, Australia, November 13th 2008 with:

"Do we really need all this documentation?"

The coordination problem.

I would choose a different soundtrack though. I don't like Philip Glass, sorry. Turn the sound off in case you agree.

Just listen!

4 Questions.

1. A little seed weighs next to nothing but a tree weighs a lot.

1. Believe you can do it.
2. Face public ridicule.

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