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Bye-bye, & the Red Fez 1.0

Over the weekend, I hurled myself into migration and rollback attempts, struggling with the underlying content management system of this blog, Movable Type, and with my hosting provider's capabilities (&462/, &463/, &465/).

As stated earlier, my estimated guess now is that www.infomaniak.ch's memory quota is too low for seamlessly running Movable Type 4. But it works somehow. Disabling as many plugins as possible. Disabling all plugins from time to time. In case you receive server 500 errors when commenting - never mind! I will receive your feedback nevertheless.

My business reasons/ Why did I care?/ Why should you care?

  • Administration costs will go down. Modularization of content and the new template/ widget architecture is something I tried to simulate in Movable Type 3 manually.
  • Movable Type 4 offers pages in addition to blog entries! Cp. Contact and About & the Red Fez.
  • There will be an iPhone version soon! View a preview.
  • The commenting system will be integrated with my FriendFeed to reduce comment diffusion.
  • And there is one more! Recent commenters are featured on the main page!

Back to business and watch out for a more advanced design and layout soon - going beyond the minimalist red theme and bringing back some of the functionality of & the Red Fez 1.0. What you see is a quick-and-dirty replica.

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