&475/ Essential Slides: Influencing Change Through Presentations

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We discovered Stephen P. Anderson early on. Then he presented together with Travis Isaacs 4 months ago. 2 years earlier Travis uploaded this presentation to slideshare.net.

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"I use presentations to unravel a vague idea or requirement to be sure I completely understand all of the facets and details. If I can't clearly explain a topic or idea then I need to go back to the project stakeholder and regroup. In some cases this will uncover holes that need to be address even before I start sketching out a wire frame."


  • Understand purpose.

  • Tell a story.

  • Show, don't tell.

  • Slides don't make good reading material.

  • Don't let chart junk get in the way of your story.

View the presentation! | Travis' life in pixels!

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Thanks for the link Harald. Glad you enjoyed the presentation!

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