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My wife and Tom Peters tell me we have to concentrate on the older generation in terms of marketing.

This book is on my pile of half-reads, started but never finished.

By Jason Oke. View the presentation!

Education is the greater value. Watch the video 1! | Watch the 2nd part!

TED Talks are back. Enjoy Peter Reinhart.


Where have all those TED Talks gone?


On my Windows machine little grey bars started to appear instead of the amazing TED Flash video stills I had before. I mailed TED. No reply. I followed up. A short reply.

What I now see on my new MacBook is a recommendation to switch to a new Flash player by re-embedding all talks I had :(

Which is 90 to-date. Ninety. What a nightmare.

I will move to a standard instead. Which is YouTube. Works on your iPhone as well. Compare with &443/. From top to bottom: YouTube, new Flash player, old Flash embedding. There was the benefit of superior still image quality with the old Flash embedding. Gone.

BMW World

There you go. taglinger.de migrates to movabletype.org, somehow resembles our night vision versus day vision view of things in the past.

Embed #133, 81714 views, 646 favs - this is different. By Keith Pardy & Alasteir Curtis from Nokia. View the presentation!

Everyone is talking touch these days. We had this. View the presentation! | View the presentation with notes!

Super Heros Legal disclaimer: Do not try this at home. These are professionals on a closed course. Capes are not included. By Todd Zaki Warfel. View the presentation!

That's up: On a new assignment. A hard time to follow up on personal emails. A hard time to blog. A hard time to network. Shift happens. In Korean! View the presentation!

Is 3G a dog or a demon? Hints from 7 years of 3G hype in Asia ... View the presentation!

... by Matt Dickman. Listen to the presentation!

Valuable thoughts by Ramya Prajna S. View the presentation!

"Word files PowerPoint files Excel files ... and multiple various versions of these documents JPEGs TIFFs E-mails ... and all their attachments Business system documents ... on the network on PCs on sticks on phones on PDAs ... and so on."

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