&496/ Hands-on: TED Talks? Turns Out to Be a Migration Nightmare

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Where have all those TED Talks gone?


On my Windows machine little grey bars started to appear instead of the amazing TED Flash video stills I had before. I mailed TED. No reply. I followed up. A short reply.

What I now see on my new MacBook is a recommendation to switch to a new Flash player by re-embedding all talks I had :(

Which is 90 to-date. Ninety. What a nightmare.

I will move to a standard instead. Which is YouTube. Works on your iPhone as well. Compare with &443/. From top to bottom: YouTube, new Flash player, old Flash embedding. There was the benefit of superior still image quality with the old Flash embedding. Gone.

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Hi Harald,

Yes, unfortunately, because our former embed hosting company left the business, we've had to ask everyone with an embedded TEDTalk to switch to our new player and stream location, by picking up a new embed code from our site. (We've had to make the switch on our own blog too, manually, with all 350+ talks, if that's any consolation to you as you dive in.)

Believe me, I know this is a lot to ask, and I appreciate your efforts at sharing TEDTalks!

We're proud of the new TED player and the improved stream that comes along with the hassle of re-embedding. I hope you'll consider using the new player. But no matter what works best for you -- thanks again for sharing TEDTalks and for your insightful comments.

Emily McManus

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