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Starting the migration: We had this on February 2, 2008.

There have been three talks of Dan Dennett at TED. This is the first one from 2002.

Efficient and effective. Stephen P. Anderson.

View the presentation!

Approved for all audiences! Stephen P. Anderson.

View the presentation!

"CSS System is a reusable set of content-oriented markup patterns and associated CSS created to express a site's individual design. It is the end result of a process that emphasizes up-front planning, loose coupling between CSS and markup, pre-empting browser bugs and overall robustness. It also incorporates a shared vocabulary for developers to communicate the intent of the code. This talk elaborates on this concept, and also describes a number of tricks I use to pre-empt maintainability issues."

By Natalie Downe. View the presentation!

To hell ;)


I thought I was late when I presented Twitter to my students one and a half years ago.

I wasn't. By Ian Green. View the presentation!

[Update December 13, 2010: The original presentation is no longer available with SlideShare. The presentation shown is a new version.]

And his latest one.

3rd in a row:

An orange cone? Completely unrelated to a red fez ...

"When things become connected, their fundamental nature changes. Information is a material from which digital things are made, and such objects exist simultaneously in the physical world and in the world of data. These two qualities profoundly change design."

Bram Pitoyo: "Do you know that the world-famous Helvetica was based on a late 19th century typeface model? That Arial is Helvetica's bastard child, commissioned to avoid paying licensing fees? That John Baskerville, whose typeface our founding father, Benjamin Franklin adores, kept a lifelong mistress?"

Mard A. Ross says: "Why? What? Me?" I agree. View the presentation!

Ich auch. We had this on October 13, 2008:

I don't get that one. Zurich Tourism promotes a German music video. No Mundart. Sort of Kölsch instead. Maybe zurichtourism on YouTube is a fake. Watch the video!


We had this on October 30, 2007, the second field is history at least within Google Chrome: We just came across Seth Godin's post 'Thinking About Domains'.

We had this on May 8, 2008: What is cloud computing?

Check out what the following people had to say: Tim O'Reilly - Dan Farber - Matt Mullenweg - Jay Cross - Brian Solis - Kevin Marks - Rafe Needleman - Steve Gillmor - Jeremy Tanner - Maggie Fox - Tom McGovern - Sam Lawrence - Stowe Boyd - David Tebbutt - Dave McClure - Chris Carfi - Rod Boothby.

Thanks, Joyent. Watch the video! | Comment at Joyeur! | Comment here!

We had this on February 1, 2008: Peter Merholz gives a thorough presentation on technology, features, and user experience. His words: "Don't focus on technology and features. Heck, don't focus on the 'product.' Focus on the experience you want to create, and build a system that gets you there." Listen to the presentation!

This is a product, this is a logo, this is a brand. By David Armano. View the presentation!

Straight from Barcamp Singapore 3. Speech recognition & next generation social networks. By Bernard Leong. View the presentation!

Yeah, but. This is the place!

Free to manipulate ... Watch the video!

Then there was Joanne Colan. Watch the video!

I'm tinking about getting a hybrid. Unboomed within a year :( I'm a young Republican.

Watch the 1 episode I could find!

Graham Brown says: "# If only we looked like this slide from your presentation

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