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Exactly. Proceed to slide 19 and ask yourself: Why, when all this - exploration and science - is so boring, why and how could we build our fortune on it?

"Work is changing again." By Nick Skytland. View the presentation! | It's rocket science!

"Social media is a shift in HOW people discover, read and share, news information and content." By Nick Skytland. View the presentation! | It's rocket science!

I bought the book during my April holiday in Selfoss. By pure accident. Then it hit me. A month ago I wrote "This book is one of the solutions to everything. In my humble opinion ..."

Nothing is more simple than a single giant button!


"The serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma or Harvard comma) is the comma used immediately before a grammatical conjunction (nearly always and or or; sometimes nor) that precedes the last item in a list of three or more items. For example, a list of three countries might be indicated by the phrase "Portugal, Spain, and France", which is written with the serial comma, or by the phrase "Portugal, Spain and France", which is written without it.


Re-reading backwards through Seth Godin's archive:

  1. Predictions

I meant to publish it in January, 2002, when I started this blog:

Predictions for 2008

I know it's six years away, but I've found that short-term predictions are too easy to make. So, here you go:

* I predict that the number of blogs will explode, to more than a hundred times as many as we have now. If you're an opinion leader, you'll have one.
* A virtually unknown politician, a black man who's father is from Africa, will be elected president, in a landslide. He'll take the office from George W. Bush, leaving with the lowest approval rating of any president in history.
* Fidel Castro will step down.
* People with AIDS will be living longer than ever before, but the disease won't be cured.
* Americans will watch more video online than on TV.
* An earthquake in Myanmar will kill more than 100,000 people and their government will do nothing.

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