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It has been so easy!

When I joined my first agency back in 1999, they were phasing out Netscape 3.xy support - fully optimizing for Internet Explorer 5.x.

I was disappointed back then.

How could a professional Web 1.0 institution run with IE? Netscape simply was better. Ok, we had Microsoft Germany as our main account - there might have been a little pressure coming that way - but nevertheless. Netscape 3.xy was messy. Indeed. But nevertheless: No goaty-bearded web-developer ever would chose IE over Netscape! I was one of them - keeping Netscape up until recently as my main browser.

End of the browser wars. IE wins. Preinstalled on all relevant machines. Everyone is surfing IE until ...

.. Microsoft quits the Apple platform. Apple. Mac OS? Who cares? A many will do. Apple is quietly preparing their cell phone launch. A smartphone. And they need a browser these days. It will be Safari.

... and until Mozilla/ Firefox come out with a solution that serves all those possibilities of Web 2.0 (via plug-ins).

Web 2.0? No-one cares. My banking application only allows IE. Sorry, not "only allows" but is optimized. Excellent. Perfect lock-in. We are stuck with a 10-year-old technology. It is as if our cars were optimized for 19th century roads. "An Autobahn? Never heard of. I would say 40 km/h is an appropriate traveling speed." As if our holidays were optimized for 19th century customers: "You want to go to Dubai? Sure. Take off 2 months to even get there. Mr. Obama, you have to rent a camel in Damascus." As if traveling to NY was still 12 days. See you in Congress 2 weeks from now.

To be continued ...

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