&561/ Hands-on: iPhone 3.0 is Out. Search!

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Everyone was waiting. An hour ago it erupted. iPhone 3.0. Obsessively hitting the "Check for Update" button in iTunes :) iPhone OS 3.0 update due at 1pm ET was my tweet at 5 to 7.

Well, "this version of the iPhone software (2.2.1) is the current version." Still waiting ;)

Then: "@congbo, @shark55 Thanks! Downloading 230.1MB." and "iPhone restarting. Let's see what happens ..."

I am with 3.0 now. And my first tap and slide to the right revealed THE most important feature IMHO: The Search Pane!

Yes. I can search my whole iPhone for "marketing" giving me all contacts, applications, emails containing "marketing". Amazing stuff.

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