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Another one.

"Sharing information is not communism. It is capitalism at its best!"
- Don Tapscott.

"Increasingly I think the digital divide is less about access to technology and more about the difference between those who know how and those who don't know how," explains Howard Rheingold.

Zurich, Bellevue

6 lessons on how to massively loose Twitter followers and slip in Twitter rankings ...

I joined Twitter in December 2007 to perform a x-cultural experiment. Used it during a 3-day lecture. Abandoned it.

Discovered in 2008 that I could automatically fill it from this blog and that I could auto-follow everyone following me. Did that.

Visiting twitter.com once in a month. Not listening to all the hype.

Now several weeks ago I came across twittergrader.com and realized that I was number 5 in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich was number 1 in the world then. Number 5 multiplied by number 1. What a lucky guy. Proud. And I started caring.

As of today I am number 16 :( What a success.

Here come the lessons:

Augsburg, Wolfsklause, Volkshochschule

Scobleizer as early and number 1 adopter is complaining. I agree. Friendfeed needs more attention.

That's frightening.


This is annoying.

Amanda Congdon's 1st show.

How media brands invite, manage, and benefit from user commenting and participation online.

The cognitive surplus TV has been masking for the last 50 years ...

Take the time. Switch off TV. Watch this video instead. Not many ads in comparison. "It's better to do something than to do nothing!

Here is what 4-year-olds know: A screen that ships without a mouse is broken! Media that's targeted at you but doesn't include you may not be worth sitting still for!"

"Interaction Design is shaping our life."

Tim Parsons dissects the agency model of the past:

"Brands agencies love... brands ... 'consumers' know them.
Agency does research ...
Has insight ...

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