&574/ Hands-on: Why Twitter Should be Called Whisper Instead. Or Shout.

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Zurich, Bellevue

6 lessons on how to massively loose Twitter followers and slip in Twitter rankings ...

I joined Twitter in December 2007 to perform a x-cultural experiment. Used it during a 3-day lecture. Abandoned it.

Discovered in 2008 that I could automatically fill it from this blog and that I could auto-follow everyone following me. Did that.

Visiting twitter.com once in a month. Not listening to all the hype.

Now several weeks ago I came across twittergrader.com and realized that I was number 5 in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich was number 1 in the world then. Number 5 multiplied by number 1. What a lucky guy. Proud. And I started caring.

As of today I am number 16 :( What a success.

Here come the lessons:

1. Don't watch. Don't care.

Focus on what you have to say. Use Twitter as your outlet. Just let it flow.

2. Choose your location carefully.

Zurich, Switzerland is different from Switzerland, off course. But it is also different from Zurich. On a global scale that doesn't matter anyhow. At least as long as you aren't the next @sethgodin, @scobleizer, or @oprah.

3. Don't care about your location.

We live in a global world. Twitter.com is global. And mankind is evolving. Talking Rätoroman you might reach your neighborhood. Talking Schwiizerdütsch? A few more. What percentage of Earth's population is able to understand German? English? Chinese?

4. Don't use Twitter as your personal SMS channel

Woke up at 3.05. Got off the train. Missed my bus. Was unavailable during the meeting. Met 2 Swedish girls talking about Astrid Lindgren but unaware of Åndalsnes. Met 2 Japanese girls peeling grapes. Nice. Your boss might listen in - your spouse shouldn't. Your spouse might listen in - your boss shouldn't. And it doesn't help with your grade.

5. Don't rest.

Don't tweet. Shout instead! More voices, more noises. Twitter is growing massively. Being number 5 among 1 million birds is different from being number 16 among 3 million elephants. And start moving to escape all the trampling.

6. Don't tweet. Whisper instead.

Shhht. Quiet now

Maybe you can break those rules and nevertheless increase your Twitter rank. It is as always. Know the rules. Break the rules. And Follow me! for more.

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