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We had this as a SlideShare presentation in Essential Slides three weeks ago. You have to admit: It just looks better on Issuu!

I discovered Issuu yesterday and licked blood. As a consequence, & the Red Fez will start a new series: Browse to Be Inspired. Browsing in the traditional sense of browsing a magazine!


End of June I began to turn my slidecast viewing and collecting habits over there at SlideShare into tribe forming. In the meantime I discovered Scribd, Docstoc, and Issuu. A wealth of additional presentations, magazines, documents, papers - in a lot of different formats.

Third in a row. Two years later. Now it is HIV.

An update to Hans Rosling's talk in &593/. Catching up with TED Talks from a year earlier: Data and information again - grandma-verified statistics!

We had this talk on June 9, 2007. I started reading Garr Reynolds back then and discovered TED via his blog.

Definitely: The best stats you've ever seen!

Another eye-opener. Everyware again.

Just stumbled upon another one. Seamless access to meta information: A 6th sense!

Now here comes the new one! The strange inversion of reasoning.

Dan Dennett at TED. 3#3, dating from 2006.

We had this before. On October 29, 2008. Dan Dennett at TED. Second in a row, dating from 2003.

Restarting the migration: We had this on February 2, 2008.

There have been three talks of Dan Dennett at TED. This is the first one from 2002.

Ben Ullmann gives us a high-level overview, UX Top 10, UX for the CEO in a nutshell presentation.

An introduction to the user experience design process and "guerilla" user testing, intended to help explain UX to other stakeholders in an organizational context. Thanks, A.J. Kandy! View the presentation!

Friends, I push all that blogging/ LinkedIn/ Xing/ friendfeed/ Twitter/ Plaxo et al. stuff for quite some time now. Professionally.

This year I experience my first social media birthday, privately. Publicly. Virtual meets real.

Thank you all!

Helge Tennø's subtitle is: Changing the Currency II.

Helge Tennø is summarizing all the major thoughts finding its way to his "ideas"-folder this last year. As usual, Clay Shirky, this time slide 8:

Have you seen slide 19 in the previous entry? It cites Clay Shirky: "A revolution doesn't happen when a society adopts new tools.

More than 10000 views in 1 week! Paul Isakson says:

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