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"Harald, we were discussing the difference between risks and issues and weren't quite sure. What is your view on this?"

My playbook for October 2009. There is an incredible flood of smartphones, smartphone operating systems, and application stores (to be continued). [Update January 6, 2011: Continued!]

Creating a new format to collect what I have been thinking/ doing month after month:

Vittorio Colao

Here you go. The Guardian gets Vittorio onto the cover.

In addition to Pieter's announcement.

Thanks for disclosing!

Makes it much easier to communicate my CV for calendar year 2009 H1 ;)

This just came via Guy Kawasaki.

Josh Clark collected the must-have downloads for the iPhone.


"The scarcity makes leadership valuable. If everyone tries to lead all the time, not much happens. It's discomfort that creates the leverage that makes leadership worthwhile.

Bryan Jones gives an excellent introduction to social marketing!

In reverse order - call-to-action first.

This year's SlideShare contest brings a whole new dimension to the game: LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and Twitter.

- Pls vote for this presentation from LinkedIn, Xing or directly on SlideShare
- Go to Twitter and retweet: "RT @haraldfelgner Pls vote, share on Facebook and tweet with hashtag #bestpreso! Cultural Dimensions - Part 2"
- Comment here, spread and discuss via Facebook, friendfeed, your blog, whereever.
- In case you prefer Scribd, docstoc, Issuu: Start from there!

Content second.

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