October 2009 Archives

Interesting thoughts. Faux-prints versus megablogs.

It's magic everywhere ...

Watch the video!

There are user interfaces that make sense, but ...

1000 mobile phones. Watch the ad!

There are user interfaces that make sense, but ...

Helge Tennø starts exploring the real potential of the mobile platform.

IT? Media?

From Goliath to David. Microsoft throwing stones from a David perspective - what a role change ...

At launch, Space Shuttle consists of a dark orange- colored external tank; two white, slender Solid Rocket Boosters; and the orbiter which contains the crew and payload.

Something's wrong here?

That's what we have to learn!

Trying to register with mixi.jp

I am missing that one network - amongst others: mixi.jp. And I learn it is invite-only!


Nigel Parker says: "Dude, your perspective on life s**ks."

Olivier Blanchard says: "Darn! Nobody told me that being a Social Media Director meant I would need to know how to do stuff!

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