&669/ Essential Slides: Mobile Megatrends 2010

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There you go.

Long-awaited. VisionMobile's Megatrends for this year. Compiled by Andreas Constantinou.

  1. Vertical propositions : A one-way street or a quick detour?
  2. Evolution of revenue models: How revenue models are changing in the how companies are using open bit-pipes or supermarkets?
  3. App Stores: The long-tail future of app stores and the untapped retailing opportunity.
  4. Web platforms: Future paradigm for building phones or fad?
  5. Open is the new closed: How companies are using open source to further thier own agendas.
  6. Recommendations: Reaching into every corner of the mobile services world.
  7. OEM monetisation: Products, services or distribution?
  8. Operator futures: Bit-pipes or supermarkets? New smart pipe strategies at the junction of brands+consumers.

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