February 2010 Archives

Our second Creative Morning here on & the Red Fez.

Back from a winter break, I try to catch up with all those UC Berkeley and Stanford University iTunes University talks.

Presentations are getting better. POV.

I said yes in 2000. Here to stay.

"We'll miss him in the daily brainstorming meetings."

Google, to be honest: I am completely lost!

1975 - BASIC - 1976 - Apple enters the room - 1977 -

Inspired by the history of Microsoft? Are you kidding?

Isn't it awesome, beautiful, amazing, georgeous, great, phenomenal, ambitious, unbelievable?

Tina Roth Eisenberg, a Swiss designer gone NYC, regularly hosts Creative Mornings.

We had the basics of Twitter/ microblogging explained almost two years ago.

Another one by Beem & Oostervink.

An unseen presentation style: Moving along a "You are here" path. Like it!

Jyri Engeström co-founded Jaiku before he (was) joined Google by being moved to Google.

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