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Re-reading Matthew Linderman's and Jason Fried's Defensive Design during the last weeks lead to the decision to re-illustrate one of my classroom presentations with completely new screenshots.

As I said: Flooding SlideShare ;)

Graham Brown is virtually flooding SlideShare since he began to accelerate his Youth Research Partners venture.

Sebastian Deterding on "stuff [he] learned as project lead of the social networking site how to introduce e-participation and web 2.0 culture in a government context."

Many more slides from Tim Leberecht to illustrate his 7 principles:

1. Listen and converse (converge)


"You are recommending a design book from 2004? You must be kidding! Even 37signals don't feature it on their website anymore ..."

No, I'm not kidding.

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Information is Beautiful had this great visualization of colors in cultures they did with always with honor in late April.

The State of - & the Red Fez Analytics

Tomorrow, three years ago, we had our first "real" blog entry on "& the Red Fez". "Real" meaning that due to limitations of Movable Type at the time - no pages - I had to simulate the Terms of Use, Copyright as well as the initial Contact page as blog entries &1/ and &2/ (out of Web as in out of print/ OOP).

Bram Pitoyo loves fonts. Typography. No wonder. The subtitle of his website reads "Works at the intersection of user experience, architecture & typography."

Erin Malone's opening keynote for the German IA Konferenz held in Cologne, Germany May 14 and 15, 2010.


Amazon UK and Germany hint at a new edition due this October/ November. O'Reilly already opened a new catalog page. Looking forward to the refresh/ refurbishment.

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Matt Dickman gave a presentation to the marketing managers from SGA disclosing the future of marketing (once again).


Want to see your presentation on this blog? Propose for publication in 10 5 minutes and 4 easy steps:

A long workshop presentation - containing 212 slides - by Kelly Goto from gotomedia and Anthony Franco from effectiveUI, Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2010.

A Microsoft concept video. Computational surfaces. Touch. Location. Smartphones and smartdevices.

Jason Grigsby at Web 2.0 Expo: "Get me a mobile strategy or you're fired!"

My notion 2 years ago: "Fun for the Apple WWDC Monday or serious thoughts on Human Computer Interaction to be combined with the multi-touch movement?"

A frog day - raining - digging out another classical presentation from last year's LIFT and Fabio Sergio.

Digging out classical presentations - 11 months ago Tim Leberecht talked about transforming the CMO role from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Meaning Officer at NEXT.

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