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Amazon UK and Germany hint at a new edition due this October/ November. O'Reilly already opened a new catalog page. Looking forward to the refresh/ refurbishment.

Until then, make sure to get a copy of the 2005 classic of Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell. Support this blog and order via the Amazon widgets below.

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design, 1st Edition, is a comprehensive guide to UI/ UX patterns for App and Web design/ specification written in the pre-iPhone era but applicable to Touch as well. It comes in 9 exhaustive chapters grouping a wealth of patterns into

#1 What Users Do
#2 Organizing the Content: Information Architecture and Application Structure
#3 Getting Around: Navigation, Signposts, and Wayfinding
#4 Organizing the Page: Layout of Page Elements
#5 Doing Things:Actions and Commands
#6 Showing Complex Data: Trees, Tables, and Other Information Graphics
#7 Getting Input from Users: Forms and Controls
#8 Builders and Editors
#9 Making It Look Good: Visual Style and Aesthetics.

Excerpts and a selection of examples can be found on designinginterfaces.com.

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