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"You are recommending a design book from 2004? You must be kidding! Even 37signals don't feature it on their website anymore ..."

No, I'm not kidding.

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Defensive Design is a classic; still worth reading. Ignore the screenshots in case you feel embarrassed by black-and-white images of websites that don't even exist anymore or have been remodeled; maybe as a consequence of this publication. But the message is clear and timeless:

"Design for when things go wrong."

40 guidelines for errors, help, forms, and other crisis points. Design them into the online experience from the beginning on, not only as an afterthought!

This book was the first time I heard from 37signals, actually. As I scanned the pages again for a project recently, I realized that it had deeply influenced all of my concept/ design work during the years with it's error first approach. Thanks, Matthew Linderman and Jason Fried! Order their book now.

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