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Kara Swisher's and Walt Mossberg's interview with Steve Jobs at the D8 conference. One week ago. Pre-WWDC.

Listen in at around 28:00: "We're about making better products. What I love about the consumer market - that I alway hated about the enterprise market is that [...] every person votes for themselves. They go yes or no. [...] For the enterprise market it's not that simple. The people that use the products don't decide for themselves. The people that make those decisions are sometimes confused."

Exactly! That's why we all ended up using unusable enterprise and office applications during the 90's up until today.

Rating myself - as an aside note - 9/10 for 15+ years of PowerPoint power user, I still struggle with basic tasks such as streamlining the notes view for an existing presentation, juggling different but similar master slides and color themes, selecting and re-selecting objects, getting fonts displayed correctly or undoing involuntary switches between German and English spell checking every two minutes although I write in English only. Sometimes 2/3 of my time with the application go into these hassles. Far from being efficient. If I wasn't locked into Microsoft Office by existing presentations, documents and spreadsheets as well as employers' IT decisions, I wouldn't wait any longer to switch completely. End of rant.

But things are beginning to change. I'm so glad we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seriously. Thanks, Steve! Watch the video!

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