&763/ Presentations (Revisited): Human Computer Interaction à la ACM SIGCHI

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These days two years ago I teached a communication design class - studying the rising touch and multi-touch human computer interaction paradigm.

The iPhone was released in Germany but not in Switzerland in early 2008. No-one in our small group had access to it back then. After a little bit of history, we proceeded with HCI details according to the ACM SIGCHI curricula.

Areas covered:

U Use and Context of Computers
U1 Human Social Organization and Work
U2 Application Areas
U3 Human-Machine Fit and Adaptation

H Human Characteristics
H1 Human Information Processing
H2 Language, Communication, Interaction
H3 Ergonomics

C Computer System and Interface Architecture
C1 Input and Output Devices
C2 Dialogue Techniques
C3 Dialogue Genre
C4 Computer Graphics
C5 Dialogue Architecture

D Development Process
D1 Design Approaches
D2 Implementation Techniques
D3 Evaluation Techniques
D4 Example Systems and Case Studies.

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