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Stephen P. Anderson uploaded his 7 User Experience Lessons from the iPhone (Introducing UX) to SlideShare three years ago and his presentation actually triggered our Essential Slides series on September 26, 2007.

"A story, about a new, not-yet-released, product. The iPhone."

Not the iPhone 4, the iPhone 1!

The seven user experience lessons were and are:

  1. "Place better 'experiences' ahead of more features.

  2. Start with actual experiences.

  3. Solve the real problems.

  4. Play to think.

  5. Treat interfaces like conversations.

  6. Lead with a vision.

  7. Obsess on the details."

To repeat it: "It's not about more features. Place better 'experiences' ahead of more features."

Three years later, this insight begins to permeate the mainstream. This week's Economist from June 10, 2010 titles it's Technology Quarterly Leader: In praise of techno-austerity. The technology industry seems to be coming round to the idea that less is more.


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