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Disclaimer: I am not with McKinsey, I have never been, and probably will never be. I simply appreciate the views and survey results from their consultants and I am an enthusiastic reader of the McKinsey Quarterly.

As such, the newest business technology trends publication from Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui, and James Manyika crossed my desk Google Reader must-read folder yesterday. According to McKinsey the trends to watch are:

Trend 1. Distributed cocreation moves into the mainstream.

Web communities might have been for-fun a few years ago, today 70 percent of the executives in a recent survey rate them as for-profit as well!

Nine other trends are:

Trend 2. Making the network the organization

Use the Web to build and manage flexible networks that extend across internal and external boundaries!

Trend 3. Collaboration at scale

Use the tools that enable and improve knowledge exchange!

Trend 4. The growing 'Internet of Things'

All sorts of objects are becoming elements of our information systems.

Trend 5. Experimentation and big data

Technology for capturing and analyzing data is spreading and becoming available at cheaper price points.

Trend 6. Wiring for a sustainable world

The environment will stay on the C-level agenda!

Trend 7. Imagining anything as a service

Move into the cloud!

Trend 8. The age of the multisided business model

Traditional one-on-one transactions are enriched by interactions among multiple players.

Trend 9. Innovating from the bottom of the pyramid

Keyword: Emerging markets.

Trend 10. Producing public good on the grid.

New types of public goods might emerge—facilitated by technology.

Read the McKinsey Quarterly!

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