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Zurich, Main Station.

How did I stumble upon David duChemin?

Don't remember - even though it was only a week ago. Must have been browsing New Riders user experience publications or something similar on July 28. Didn't know they had photography books as well.

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O'Reilly had already jumped the bandwagon with rockynook several years ago and it is evident that digital photography is a trend with a range of possibilities emerging in the transition from darkroom to lightroom: Panoramas, high dynamic range, ... A single image is no longer a single image.

[In addition to the upgrade cycle hell of digital cameras and software these days ;) - a tremendous opportunity for publishers of how-to books.]

Well, David duChemin isn't about tools and techniques for the sake of tools and techniques at all.

The subtitle of his third volume in less than a year, Vision & Voice, may read Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, but it's about the vision behind an image in the first place and using mentioned tool to craft that vision as a consequence only. A tool is a tool in the end.

In David's own words: "At the beginning of Within The Frame I explained my thought that there are really 3 images that go into the creation of the final photograph - the first is the one you envision, the second is the one you shoot, and the third is the one you refine in the darkroom. The better you are at the second two, the closer you can come to the first. Within The Frame was about the image you capture, Vision & Voice is about refining that image in the digital darkroom, specifically Adobe Photoshop Lightroom."

Being a user of Lightroom since version 1.0 myself--but primarily for digital asset management reasons and almost never touching the Develop module except for cropping--that paragraph convinced me to break my personal moratorium on the use of any bookstore for the rest of this year. I want to get serious about digital photography? Ok, I have to have those! I ordered all three of David's books via Amazon right away and sit devouring Vision & Voice now.

Then there's VisionMongers. Making a Life and a Living in Photography. Have to start that one! (En)Vision, Frame, and (In)Voice.

[Update August 8, 2010 4:39 PM: I learn that Peachpit/ New Riders jumped the photographic bandwagon even before O'Reilly did. Wrong statement above.]

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