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We have 6 months Google Buzz today.

And I have to re-phrase what I stated on the first day: I am lost.

Google, you have too many faces!

Back then I wrote: "I used to use Google Reader. Like. Share. Share with notes. Almost a Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon. I have friends there. They share with me. I share with them. Via Friend Connect I have friends that are not necessarily my friends from Reader nor from gTalk. In gTalk I could do IM if I wanted to.

Now you tell me that I should open Gmail to do IM or IM to the world (=Twitter) in Google Buzz!? Confused. Really ...

I am receiving my first buzzes via email in Apple Mail. Spam growing. And where is Wave in all that? I need help."

At least, Google Wave seems to be gone and being integrated into the other services. A starting consolidation ...

But this should be only the beginning and I am asking for more: Google X. A service that has an integrated approach, combining Orkut, Buzz, Reader, gTalk - and everything revolving around my one and only Google Profile!

[Update November 16, 2010 5:58 AM: Welcome, Google Hotpot! Are we one step closer to Google X? At least Google seems to begin to understand the importance of "joy of use" instead of pure usefulness and usability. Or is it just another separate face - now heading Foursqare, Gowalla, Facebook Places ... What about Latitude? Confusion growing or decreasing ...]

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