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Rules from Julieanne Kost, Window Seat -- a collection of photographs shot out of airplane windows during business travel:

"1. Master your tools.

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2. Listen to what your life is trying to tell you.
3. Be open to whatever comes your way.
4. Share what you know and learn from others.
5. Collaborate with other creative people, especially the quiet ones.
6. Be flexible. Learn to negotiate.
7. Fix whatever you complain about the most.
8. View every challenge as a possible discovery.
9. Take 15 minutes for yourself every day.
10. Figure out what you need to do to reach your "zero point."
11. Integrate work and art; both will benefit.
12. Take up an interest in something you know nothing about.
13. Look at new stuff--and at what you already know--with a fresh perspective.
14. Keep a journal.
15. Visualize first, Photoshop second.
16. Replace your thoughts with intuition.
17. Play! Play! Play!
18. Know when you're done."

The only rule applying to photography exclusively or to design in general, is rule #15! Think about it. All other rules apply to work life, creativity, and life life in general.

Julieanne Kost is Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist with Adobe, lecturing on creativity and Photoshop/ Lightroom. Follow Julieanne Kost's blog! | And order the book now ...

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