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Today is the last day of 2010. Time to clean up, pile up, and put away.

December saw an update of my Information Architecture 3 presentation on SlideShare. Asking what is apparent from the category labeling of this blog for quite some time now: Is it only Information Architecture we are persuing? Is it Interaction Design?

Speaking of evolutions: I seem to never have embedded my Information Architecture 3 deck here: Information Architecture Concepts.

Studying Willem Boijens' talk and presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam I come to the conclusion that impermanence is an evolution of "developing a portfolio of services based on the construct of people, content, place, and time" ...

There is a long slider of Willem Boijens' deck with Mobile Monday Amsterdam. Do I understand now?

Willem Boijens' short deck from Mobile Monday Amsterdam.

Willem was the first person I met hiking the venerable halls of Vodafone's Behrensbau entering the office on my first Monday morning. Long time ago.

Mobile Monday Amsterdam attracts quite a crowd. Maybe it's the speakers? I suspect it's the city as well!

We're back with Mike Kuniavsky and his Mobile Monday Talk in Amsterdam!

No one shows their work? Fred Beecher does!

No one shows their work? Todd Zaki Warfel does!

No one shows their work? Will Evans does!

No one shows their work? Russ Unger does!

"Basically, our goal is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful."
- Larry Page in Businessweek, March 13, 2001

To get this one straight: Our Business Quotes and Playbook decks are raw material, not elaborate presentations. Decks to steal from ...

Fair enough, the video above was on Engadget months if not years ago. Yawn

|-O ...

Squared Eye's Matthew Smith is leaving the little Web Design, Visual Design, User Experience Design box and presenting his thoughts concerning the whole Business Experience.

I was planning to feature a 3rd Peter Morville SlideShare presentation this morning but found a much better alternative with the Vimeo above provided by the IxDA.

Is this simply Peter Morville's KMWorld 2010 workshop in a different version or is it his keynote given at the same event?

Peter Morville's KMWorld 2010 workshop. A deck with 130 slides of knowledge. Spend some time with it!

Q: What's a "good" user experience?

A: "Good" has to be measured against the objectives of the experience!

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