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Studying Willem Boijens' talk and presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam I come to the conclusion that impermanence is an evolution of "developing a portfolio of services based on the construct of people, content, place, and time" ...

... in two words: Vodafone 360. Connected experiences. "Impermance is not new."

Learn from patterns in history.

The history: Making of 360 by Willem Boijens and German Leon as presented at Barcelona Design Week 2009 - view the slides above. I'm the center of my address book, all the people I know. Moving in time and space. Connecting. Collecting content.

The evolution: "Everything around us underlies a permanent change, everything is in a constant motion, in a flux - spatially, timely, emotional, and cultural."

According to Willem, in our classical mental model we create solid anchor-points for ourselves to move through the day: A synched address book on our devices for people we know, a synched calendar for our time we use and places we visit. A file system or cloud storage for our content we collect. A bookshelf for our books. A locker for our belongings. An apartment for our furniture.

Turn that model upside down and mesh, morph, and swarm!

Mesh: Your personal cell phone no longer moves within a fixed grid but the entirety of receiving and transmitting phones represents a network in flux. Think producing and consuming energy with solar paint. Think infrastructure in mature versus emerging markets - an infrastructure building itself?

Morph: The design process no longer stops with production. Objects are self-configuring in different situations. Think apartments re-furnishing themselves according to my needs.

Swarm: A pattern is developed that regulates itself with no pre-occupied structure applied to it. Think roads with dynamic lanes.

Interesting! I'm curious how the next Vodafone 360 NOW+ will look like. View the presentation!

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