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Speaking of evolutions: I seem to never have embedded my Information Architecture 3 deck here: Information Architecture Concepts.

A loose collection of definitions, categorizations, outlines, and visualizations from the field as presented at the University of Applied Sciences/ Communication Design faculty and the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing between 2003 and 2008.

  • The Information Architecture Institute definition of IA
  • Christina Wodtke's question: What is IA?
  • Dan Brown's design documentation deliverables
  • Jesse James Garrett's elements of User Experience and nine pillars
  • George Olsen's approaches to User Experience design
  • Concepts by Tood Zaki Warfel, Olga Howard, Erin Malone, Jess McMullin
  • Peter Morville's infamous circles and his usable, useful, accessible, findable, credible, desirable, and valuable honeycomb

Actually not pretty, but useful. And valuable ;) View the presentation!

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