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For libraries only? Not necessarily.

Sharing gestures and platforms. Apple iPhone on Microsoft Surface.

Rachel Hinman presented at Silicon Valley IxDA what she already had shown earlier at UX Australia 2010: Mobile UX Essentials. Essential!

We had UX Design in the financial services; here comes innovation. Getting my head around a new industry ...

Waiting for Mobile Megatrends 2011 from Andreas Constantinou - due by January 31. Counting up Fjord's Digital Trends in the meantime.

No more Mobile Trends? Digital Trends. In 2010, Christian Lindholm stripped Mobile from his year-ahead overview.

It's January and we are repeatedly looking back and forth. Third trends' series in a row. Counting Fjord up.

Forth and back and forth. Andreas Constantinou confirms that the VisionMobile Megatrends 2011 will be out on January 31. Back to 2008, the next round goes to Fjord.

Waiting for Mobile Megatrends 2011 from Andreas Constantinou. Counting up.

Waiting for Mobile Megatrends 2011 from Andreas Constantinou. We had 2010. Now let's apply the same approach as with Taly Weiss' Trendsspotting decks: Step back to move forward.

Here we go!

Predictions for 2009?

Exactly! We move back a year then forward.

Amir Dotan from LAB49 shares his experiences working as a user experience architect in the financial services industry in London. The presentation is the first publication ever I came across which is connecting UX/ IA with this particular business.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is out. The & the Red Fez Playbook is up.

"Why mobile is utterly horrible and why you should run away!"
- Brian Fling

Still true ;)

But we cannot run away from a tsunami. And: We don't want to run away--we actually want to ride the wave!

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance."
- Steve Ballmer, USA Today CEO Forum, April 29, 2007

Welcome, 2011! It's January 2 and we still have a few restful and calm days left to clean up, pile up, and put away: Almost a year ago I decided to illustrate a growing number of business quotations rusting on my local harddrive and toss them out onto SlideShare.

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