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"Why mobile is utterly horrible and why you should run away!"
- Brian Fling

Still true ;)

But we cannot run away from a tsunami. And: We don't want to run away--we actually want to ride the wave!

Heading off to Düsseldorf 2 years and 3 weeks ago I got hold of the mobile ecosystem with Brian's excellent 349 slides overview. 349 slides! Now you know why he recommended to run away in the first place.

We prepared a much shorter and merely photographical re-assessment of the ecosystem in the October 2009 Playbook, sampling advertising voices from smartphone and mobile OS vendors--updated as shown above after the Windows Phone 7 launch in 38 slides--not because the ecosystem has been simplified but because we actively decided to provide a high-level overview only.

Actually the train is moving in the opposite direction. Instead of Windows Mobile, Symbian, RIM, iPhone, Android, Palm webOS, and Linux we now have Windows Mobile, Symbian, RIM, iOS, Android, HP webOS, Linux, Maemo, MeeGo, Samsung bada, and Windows Phone 7 in the deck. Simplification? Consolidation? Not at all. Times a variety of mobile browsers. Divided by a growing number of app stores, operators, and device manufacturers. Plus a completely new mobile hardware category: The slates.

Coming back to riding the wave. As Elad Gil, Director of Geo at Twitter put it in his 5 myths of building a great mobile team on TechCrunch: "Myth 1: You need to hire mobile experts. Reality: Hire great athletes; mobile 'experts' will be useless in 6 months. As with all roles, I would advocate hiring great generalists to fill the spot, as they will have a much larger positive impact over time."

Credit for providing a brilliant overview of the entire ecosystem goes to Peter-Paul Koch on A List Apart. Jump to A List Apart! | It's TechCrunch time! | View the presentation!

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