&875/ Essential Slides: User Experience Design in the Financial Services Industry

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Amir Dotan from LAB49 shares his experiences working as a user experience architect in the financial services industry in London. The presentation is the first publication ever I came across which is connecting UX/ IA with this particular business.

Why is the literature so rare? Amir Dotan:

  • "Projects usually are confidential" and
  • "Access to what competitors are doing is limited"

Seems plausible. His talk in 3 parts:

  1. "The job of a UX professional in the financial services industry"
  2. "The trading floor work environment and its impact on UX work"
  3. "Closing user experience design considerations"

Make sure to browse the whole deck! A few random thoughts for the fast lane:

  • "Internal and external user groups are extraordinarily diverse"
  • "Procedures and terminology are proprietary and dissimilar"
  • "A complicated network of different legacy systems runs the trading environment"
  • "Sometimes the killer app is a simple form, not a fancy UI and complex data visualization"
  • "Advice #1: Start reading the Financial Times!"

View the presentation!

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