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Here we go!

Taly Weiss' Trendsspotting collections from 2009, 2010, 2011. Extracts:


Nielsen, for 2009: "An increasing number of mobile subscibers are accessing video content through their mobile Internet."

Mobile Gazette, for 2010: "2010 will not be the year of mobile TV."

Mobile versus PC

Morgan Stanley, for 2010: "More users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years."

Gartner, for 2010: "By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide."

Apps and beyond iPhone: Android, Microsoft, ...

Critical Path, for 2009: "Emergence of a 'big 8' instead of the 'big 5' handset makers."

Critical Path, for 2009: "Microsoft, Nokia, Ovi, RIM will be modeling Apple's App Store and iTunes services."

Morgan Stanley, for 2010: "Apple + Facebook platforms are serving to raise the bar."

IDC, for 2010: "2010 will see 500,000 mobile phone applications, setting up, a 'developer war like you've never seen."

ComputerWorld, for 2010: "Mobile app stores will continue to balloon."

Gartner, for 2010: "Android will take second place behind Symbian OS as early as 2012."

Federated Media, for 2010: "Microsoft will have a major success in the phone market."

MocoSpace, for 2011: "Consumers expect an app-like experience; once that experience is replicated on the mobile web, expect more companies to focus there."

ReadWriteWeb, for 2011: "Everyone rushes out to buy the Verizon iPhone."

Location-Based Services

Critical Path, for 2009: "Renewed interest in location-based services - the real driver will be mash-ups."

PSFK, for 2009: "Basically, we now have all this really cool data coming out of 'the people' and we can use it to make really cool applications."

J.Gold Associates, for 2010: "2010 will finally be the year of LBS."

Social Media Explorer, for 2011: "LBS platforms will become the Sunday newspaper clippings for the 21st century."

Global versus local

Trendsspotting, for 2010: "Influenced by mobile location abilities, social networks at large will lose their globalization."

Ernst and Young, for 2011: "The emergence of mobile social in 2010 evolves into hyper local need, usage & search in 2011. A new era begins in purchasing power."

ReadWriteWeb, for 2011: "Africa and Asia (which have the largest share of worldwide mobile Web usage) are the mobile industry's 600 lb gorilla."


Forrester, for 2009: "We will see growth in the mobile 'wannabe' user segment as employees bring their personal devices, such as the iPhone, into work and expect organizations to develop ways to support these new devices."

ReadWriteWeb, for 2011: "Mobile virtualization will start to see adoption. The enterprise will see the value in creating distinct environment for apps and data on a mobile device. It will also mean that people will not have to carry two or more mobile devices."

Financial Industry

PSFK, for 2009: "Mobile banking will gain a large percentage of banking activity in the U.S. and has done so in many countries around the world."

Mashable, for 2010: "2010 will be the breakthrough year of the much-anticipated mobile payments market."

Juniper Research, for 2011: "Mobile banking will become a 'must-have' when opening a new accout. Mobile devices begin to replace credit cards."

Trendsspotting, for 2011: "The growth in mobile shopping will look different than what we have first seen for online shopping: It will be adopted five times faster thanks to consumer openness to engage with the mobile device."

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