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Waiting for Mobile Megatrends 2011 from Andreas Constantinou. We had 2010. Now let's apply the same approach as with Taly Weiss' Trendsspotting decks: Step back to move forward.

December 2007: There was an iPhone in the US, the UK, Germany, but not in Switzerland ... Compare with VisionMobile's Megatrends for that coming year 2008 back then:

  1. From mega-portals to me-portals
  2. Content is aging; Content communication is king
  3. The internet is reaching into the phone
  4. The war of the application environments
  5. Value in mobile software is bubbling up
  6. OEMs go for services and vertical propositions
  7. Brands as the new form of equity in handsets
  8. Network operator strategies are shifting
  9. Browsing is out; engaging experiences are in
  10. Service delivery spills out of the browser into the user journey
  11. Browser proxies bring the internet to the masses
  12. Open source is disrupting the status quo
  13. Nokia is now a tier-0 OEM
  14. Mobile is transforming to a FMCG business
  15. Channel ARPU: a new source of revenue.

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