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Forth and back and forth. Andreas Constantinou confirms that the VisionMobile Megatrends 2011 will be out on January 31. Back to 2008, the next round goes to Fjord.

Compiled by Christian Lindholm, looking ahead into 2008:

  1. Beauty is back: Apple is the overall benchmark.
  2. Chained islands are the new walled gardens: Multiplatform single sign-in experiences will emerge.
  3. Mobile net becomes useful: iPhone & iPod Touch energize content industry to remake mobile sites.
  4. GPS is the new camera: The dream of monetizing location based services.
  5. Touch screen, the year of the bad: Others follow Apple faster, however with inferior technology.
  6. Google slows down to Telcom time: They will have little or no impact.
  7. Dawn of the casual computer: iPod Touch is a casual computer that provides a great internet experience , AND is pocketable.
  8. Go down or go out: Mobile handset business has always been about low-end. Market is dominated by Nokia. Sony Ericsson and Samsung are increasing efforts.

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