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No more Mobile Trends? Digital Trends. In 2010, Christian Lindholm stripped Mobile from his year-ahead overview.

Continuing a series: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. He may be right: Why call it The Mobile Web when it actually is The Web. Why call it HTML5 whe it actually is HTML; a cell phone when it actually is THE phone:

  1. The dawn of divergence: The fingers are the stylus.
  2. Discovery is the new search: Listen to the community.
  3. Content giants strike back in mobile: iPad is a media innovation greenfield.
  4. Facebook is the people web - everywhere: Hooks emerging on the Real Web.
  5. TV becomes social: The Social TV platform war.
  6. The digital world goes physical: Public connectedness.
  7. Progressive operators turn connectors: Vodafone 360 is the benchmark!
  8. Everyone's own little Android: Formfactor differentiation is fundamental for platform success.
  9. Dawn of the connected car: Long product life cycles out of sync with the mobile world.
  10. Personal informatics: Persistant recording - monitor me when I can't.

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