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Waiting for Mobile Megatrends 2011 from Andreas Constantinou - due by January 31. Counting up Fjord's Digital Trends in the meantime.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011:

  1. Lifeboats for the 'app flood': After the gold rush, the app market is maturing.
  2. Going with the flow - 'liquid experiences': Service design innovators are finally creating services that can be fluidly experienced on any screen, anywhere.
  3. Digital magazines are still searching for a soul: The concept of a magazine needs to be re-invented in the Tablet era.
  4. Pimp your life, gaming style: Why not turn aspects of everyday life into a game?
  5. Smart objects connect with the mainstream: A few more sophisticated examples will use smart objects to visualize and interact with the digital services already embedded in our lives.
  6. 'Superphones' go 4D - and beyond: Natural UI solutions that appeared first on gaming consoles, will migrate to mobile devices in 2011.
  7. Discovering 'lifestreams': What if you could never miss a moment, never forget a thing?
  8. The Tablet transforms work as we know it: Other device manufacturers are rushing into the market. Differentiation will be a major challenge.
  9. Touch to pay - now with your phone: Mobile phones will start to become the new credit cards.
  10. Mobiles gain more currency: The much-anticipated digital wallet will emerge as virtual currencies and new payment solutions emerge from all kinds of players.
  11. The cloud becomes a kite: 2011 should see new 'mashup' innovations that combine content and services in new ways.
  12. Experience wars - the living room is the battleground: As the living room fills with boxes, new controls, new content, new screens and even larger flat screens the ultimate experience battle begins.

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