&884/ Essential Slides: Innovation in the Financial Services Industry

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We had UX Design in the financial services; here comes innovation. Getting my head around a new industry ...

How comes I never met Peter Fisk? He has some quite flashy presentations on display and a series of inspiring books (the latter disappointingly text-only though ...). Well, white spots happen.

Back to banking in four parts:

  1. Game changing.
  2. Seeing things differently.
  3. Innovative banking.
  4. Leading innovation.

Ideas in short: From -> To, West -> East, Big -> Small, Few -> Many, Mass -> Niche, Volume -> Value.

"Times of turbulence are the most exciting times ... because everything changes."
- Pablo Picasso

Born in a recession:

  • 1876 GE
  • 1929 HP
  • 1975 Microsoft
  • 1981 MTV
  • 2001 eBay

... take your time and thoroughly browse the whole deck. Excellent inspirations!

[Expect the presentation to be unavailable from 10 PM Wed until 2 AM Thur PST/ 9 AM to 1 PM Thur CET. SlideShare gets a new hairdo.]

View the presentation!

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