&891/ On Our Own Behalf: Identity Theft or Please Ignore "Your invitation from Harald Felgner to connect on Ecademy"

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Apparently the lesser-known professional network Ecademy sends out invitations to some of you. In my name.

Please ignore. And please accept my apologies!

I have opened a ticket with Ecademy and sent this post to Thomas Power, Chairman of Ecademy, in order to receive a list of recipients for personal apologies and to further clarify the issue.

Similar incidents seem to happen elsewhere, cp the detailed anouncement with Richard Tubb's Tubblog from a week ago.

[Update 9:45 PM

No update from Ecademy Support, no answer from Thomas Power, but three other emails from Ecademy - the first within months all three within one afternoon - are reaching me:

- At 11:06 AM Ecademy Support writes: "You are entitled to standard support which automatically signpostsinformation relevant to your enquiry. Enhanced support covers more areas of Ecademy and is available to subscribers - click here > to upgrade."

- At 1:13 PM the Ecademy Membership Support Team offers me a 30 day free trial to *Powernetworker! "Congratulations, 10 people you invited have joined your network on Ecademy. "

- At 9:12 PM Ecademy informs me that someone liked my NetNews "Sent Invitations to Ecademy"

Oh my God!

A little research in my profile reveals: I apparently sent 543 invites since I was invited to Ecademy myself in January 2008. 27 of you joined :( The rest of you blocked me or ignored me - in which case you received repeated invitations.

Further research leads to an article from Thomas Power introducing autoconnect on an opt-in basis. I never opted in but apparently was opted in and cannot opt out. I have been living under a rock.

Ecademy Search doesn't find a single entry for "autoconnect". How strange is that?

I will immediately send a clear recommendation to the 27 contacts I recruited and leave Ecademy myself today. I will send that recommendation from good old Apple Mail as my last message seems to be an auto-reply from Ecademy in my name "Thanks for accepting the invitation to join Ecademy." and as I cannot send messages manually within Ecademy without upgrading!

To me this is not spam but identity theft. Completely upset. Apologies to you all!

How to delete your account? Read Paul Walsh!]

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