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Oh my. I missed your birthday, my friend! You turned 25 last November and I had no idea. Sorry for that.

Happy birthday, Windows. Retroactively.

Andrew Tait has rewarded you with a video gift last week: Demonstrating how to upgrade from Windows 1 to Windows 7. Through every major version. Amazing.

Watching those 10 minutes of upgrade after upgrade reminds me of 2 facts hiding out behind your Windows 7 facade:

  • Your technological foundations show their fossil bones, remnants from prehistoric PC eras.
  • Your User Experience is more colorful now, more reflecting and shadowy in trying to imitate Mac OS X, badly hiding the replica approach in a name Aero where Apple used Aqua before, but still way too complex.

I'm sorry to come to that conclusion, dear Windows. For the last 25 years it was more important for your mother Microsoft to maintain backward compatibility and adding features instead of restarting and looking ahead.

Apple took a different approach and overtook, hands down. Windows Phone 7 might make a difference!? More of Andy's Tech Experiments! | Via winrumors!

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